ABOUT E9 Element 9 is an innovation strategy consultancy.

We partner with our clients and stakeholders to devise solutions that transform lives and enterprises by taking into consideration the role of design, business and technology to yield an innovative model and strategy destined for growth.

Our mission is to make the world better by unlocking latent capacities and fostering growth in organizations and communities. Element 9 leverages a unique combination of people and networks, vision, design capabilities and sound experience to formulate solutions. We harness the best assets of our clients and the people they serve and grow those assets.

Element 9 is an agile consultancy, culture, ingredient and methodology for approaching challenges confronting the public, private and non-profit sectors. Collectively we are an ambitious group serving as advocates, designers, strategists, educators, artists, engineers, developers, planners, producers and managers. Our job titles are interchangeable, but our commitment to transform lives and enterprises is unwavering.